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Darren Korb -Supergiant: The 10Th Anniversary Collection

Darren Korb

Supergiant: The 10Th Anniversary Collection (18xLP)

Release date: August 07, 2020
Label: Iam8Bit
Format: 7"
Supergiant Games x iam8bit are proud to present a project we've been talking about for years - something so brazenly epic that we waited for the studio's 10th Anniversary to unleash it. Bastion, Transistor and Pyre are wholly unique visions, yet they share a common thread - the music that carries you through each world. Carefully composed by the Darren Korb, the scores to these three games have achieved notoriety well outside the indie gaming world to become some of the most beloved game soundtracks ever made. This gorgeous, all-encompassing (and rather hefty) vinyl box set celebrates that mastery across a whopping 12xLP, featuring 7 discs of core music from each game + 5 discs of NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED bonus material (Transistor Extended, Pyre: White Lute and Pyre: Black Mandolin) + another bonus 7" from the beloved Hades. Indeed, a Supergiant collection for Superserious fans.
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07 August 2020 / More records