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Darone Sassounian Prerequisite #5

Release date:
January 27, 2023
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Darone Sassounian returns on his imprint for the third and final installment of the Prerequisite series,"Prerequisite #5 / Prerequisite #6". The A-side features 'Prerequisite #5', which starts off on a slower and more soulful note. The track has a tight and moody progression that has influences drawn from inner city life and struggles in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2020. The B-side features 'Prerequisite #6', which has a repetitive and darker undertone, yet is intended for all dance floors across the board. This track delivers an atmospheric and punchy finale to the American-house inspired series programmed by Darone. Recorded in 2020, these tracks are an ode to the dance floors and the dim-lit basements. Nothing but raw music that encompasses a feeling, a moment. This is Rocky Hill.

  • 1. Prerequisite #5
  • 2. Prerequisite #6

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