Release date:
September 9, 2022
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60 Limited Edition - Red 2LP - Metal Box-Set - € 65.00 - (Barcode 0617669419823) "Seance" may be the best Dark Fortress album and we are very pleased to present it in two new color editions. It combines misanthropic, deathly, and bitter atmospheres where hallucinations become reality... "Ghastly Indoctrination" starts the album off well with a quite ambience that quickly builds up - that is, the beginning of the night. Tracks like "Requiem Grotesque" and "Revolution: vanity" symbolize the insanity continues to snowball as one completely loses their mind into depressing or isolationist. "Insomnia" fits melodic passages and catchy riffs make me think of one's defeat against the wrath of insomnia and nocturnal wandering, right before the night ends. Dark Fortress is a talented group: Azathoth's vocals are best here, his agonized shrieks are no slouch and only fit to sharpen the atmosphere the band is trying to make. The guitars are even more impressive. The songwriting gives the guitarists several opportunities to provide climaxes in the song. A good example would be in "Catawombs." A solo comes in unpredictably but when it hits, you realize that they couldn't have done it any better. Even better is the overall pitch of the guitars. Don't think Seance is in any way depressing. Instead, it's extremely maddening, mournful, and mysterious - but easy to access. The production is clear for everyone and no instrument really overshadows the others. This album comes out in deluxe Triple Gatefold edition, in two colors (Gold / Red) 500 limited edition each. There is also a special limited edition of 60 copies in Metal Box for the collectors (Gold Vinyl).

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