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November 10, 2023
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This stunning collector's edition of Danny Elfman's Big Mess, contains four LPs, on exclusive color variants, featuring the critically acclaimed album, Big Mess, along with unreleased remixes and vocal features. Each record is held in it's own unique jacket featuring a 3D lenticular print on the cover and is accompanied by a 60 page, hard cover artbook featuring never before seen renderings of Sarah Sitkin's uniquely unsettling digital sculptures of Elfman. The package also includes a beautiful life-sized light up model of Danny's peculiar hand, a 20 page stitched soft cover lyric booklet, and a 12" x 9" art print, signed by Danny himself. A code which provides an exclusive link to a behind the scenes documentary on the making of Big Mess, and downloadable digital audio files, also included. Everything is housed in a high quality two-piece box with liquid embossing on the cover and spot gloss embossing on the cover and sides. The deluxe vinyl box set is limited to 1500 copies worldwide. 60 page hardcover art book "Demireal Debris" by Sarah Sitkin. 20 page stitched softcover lyric book including behind the scenes photos.4 LPs in 3D lenticular print jackets. Life-sized light up model of Danny's hand with hand painted tattoo detail on wrist. (batteries not included). 12" x 9" art print, signed by Danny himself. Code for links to stream exclusive video "Behind the Mess" mini doc: a behind the scenes look at the creation of "Big Mess", and downloadable mp3s of all 4 Box Set LP tracks.

  • 1. Sorry
  • 2. True
  • 3. In Time
  • 4. Everybody Loves You
  • 5. Dance with the Lemurs
  • 6. Serious Ground
  • 7. Choose Your Side
  • 8. We Belong
  • 9. Happy
  • 10. Just a Human
  • 11. Devil Take Away
  • 12. Love in the Time of Covid
  • 13. Native Intelligence
  • 14. Better Times
  • 15. Cruel Compensation
  • 16. Kick Me
  • 17. Get Over It
  • 18. Insects
  • 19. We Belong (Rafiq Bhatia Remix)
  • 20. Serious Ground (Xiu Xiu Remix)
  • 21. Happy (33Emybw Remix)
  • 22. Insects (Machine Girl Insecticidal Tendencies Remix)
  • 23. In Time (Health Remix)
  • 24. Kick Me (Zach Hill Remix)
  • 25. Sorry (Kid606 Remix)
  • 26. Everybody Loves You (Boris Remix)
  • 27. We Belong (Squarepusher Remix)
  • 28. Kick Me (Zach Hill Remix V2 Zach Plays Drums)
  • 29. Insects (Debugged & Refucked Machine Girl Remix)
  • 30. Insects (Stu Brooks Remix)
  • 31. In Time (It All Falls Down - Clipping. Remix)
  • 32. True (Feat. Trent Reznor)
  • 33. Native Intelligence (Feat. Trent Reznor)
  • 34. Kick Me (Feat. Fever333)
  • 35. In Time (Feat. Blixa Bargeld)
  • 36. We Belong (Feat. Rebekah Del Rio)

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