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Daniel Ogren Fastingen - 92

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Daniel Ögren is one of the key artists in Sweden's contemporary, underground music scene. He has already accrued quite the back catalogue, both as a member of the sensational quartet Dina Ögon and also as a solo artist with eight albums already under his belt. It features 'Idag', an epic, beautiful, cinematic song that introduces the ethereal vocalist Anna Ahnlund. 'Idag' has gained a cult following and Daniel has stated that it was the spark that started the Dina Ögon project. Tracks like 'Annalena' and 'Kristinehamn by Night (for Christopher)' sound like a new club sound that hasn't yet been invented (which Nicola Cruz would spin in his DJ sets), mysterious, hypnotic, and engaging. Other songs like 'Maj (for Tintin)' and 'Picasso' venture into blissed-out Scando-Balearic realms.

  • 1. Annalena
  • 2. Hjälmarsfjorden
  • 3. Idag
  • 4. Kristinehamn By Night (For Christopher)
  • 5. Maj (For Tintin)
  • 6. Picasso
  • 7. Levi
  • 8. Oktober (For Lo)
  • 9. April

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