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October 20, 2023
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The supreme and impervious combination of HIM LO DA INAPPROPRIATE and GIALLO POINT well known az COGNAC KINGZ return with another ground breakin' full length LP titled: 86 DRUG DEALA WARDROBE The song title and artwork are reminiscent of the true golden era of fly B-BOY and HIP-HOP vintage streetwear that HIM LO still rocks and represents til' this day. 1986, his favorite era of fashion and style heavily inspired this bulletproof, granite-solid album. Laced in a street hustla uniform the high-level penmanship of HIM LO and the impeccable craftsmanship of GIALLO POINT always shine through whenever they create projects. A brooding atmosphere encapsulates from beginning to end. This album is limited to only one feature (CLEVER ONE) of DA BUZE BRUVAZ. Once again it's time to light a cigar and pour a glass of cognac while you treat your ears to the top-tier flyness of the COGNAC KINGZ... CHEERZ!

  • 1. Truck Jewelz
  • 2. Gucci Kickz
  • 3. King
  • 4. Cazals N Fat Lacez
  • 5. 40 Below Timbo's
  • 6. 4 Finga Ringz N Gold Teeth
  • 7. Stan Smith
  • 8. Sergio Tacchini
  • 9. Cement 3's
  • 10. Pelle Pelle's N Gold Name Platez
  • 11. Cream Fila's N Velour Sweatz Ft. Clever One
  • 12. Furry Kangolz Wit Da Sheepskinz
  • 13. Dapper Dan

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