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October 6, 2023
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Every Cowboy Junkies album is a sonic treat, full of gorgeous guitar tones from Michael Timmons, haunting vocals from Margo Timmins, and beautiful arrangements, and 1996’s Lay it Down is no exception. But there is one big difference between this album and its predecessors: it rocks! And pretty hard, too, particularly on the Crazy Horse-esque Canadian hit “A Common Disaster,” “Just Want to See,” and the Paisley Underground-style title track. The pared-down quartet line-up accounts for some of this tougher approach; but producer John Keane definitely shaped this album’s sound, lending these songs a palpable Athens, GA/R.E.M. vibe that transports the Junkies out of their customary Americana/alt-country territory into a more indie-rock feel. Lay It Down is a mature album, tackling complex themes (“Come Calling [His Song]” and “Come Calling [Her Song]” tackle the onset of Alzheimer’s from the perspective of an elderly afflicted couple) with the confidence of a band at the peak of its powers. It’s long-overdue for a release on LP, and we at Real Gone Music are proud to present it on pristine black vinyl inside a jacket and printed inner sleeve with lyrics. A great listen. A1. Something More Besides You A2. A Common Disaster A3. Lay It Down A4. Hold On to Me A5. Come Calling (His Song) A6. Just Want to See A7. Lonely Sinking Feeling B1. Angel Mine B2. Bea’s Song (River Song Trilogy: Part II) B3. Musical Key B4. Speaking Confidentially B5. Come Calling (Her Song) B6. Now I Know

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