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April 12, 2024
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The second studio album from UK Alternative artist Cosmo Sheldrake. Following 2018's Much Much How How And I which has sold over 100,000 units globally and embarked 250m streams on DSPs, Cosmo continues to take the listener onto a journey into his musical world with a brand new 21 song release.The astonishing twenty-one tracks on Cosmo Sheldrake's forthcoming album, Eye To The Ear, range fromcelebratory anthems to soulful elegies to irresistible dance numbers. Animated by themes of interconnectionand symbiosis, Cosmo's expansive musical imagination is rooted in practices of listening-both to human andmore-than-human sound worlds. Eye To The Ear, Cosmo's most accomplished creation to date-as producer,composer, performer and songwriter-makes it clear that the living world is a noisy and musical place with thepower to change the way we think, feel, and imagine.

  • 1. Gnort or Gnortle
  • 2. Stop the Music
  • 3. Marvellous Clouds
  • 4. I Did and I Don't and I Do
  • 5. Old Ocean
  • 6. By Being with You
  • 7. I Stitched My Mind Back to My Body
  • 8. The Feet Are the Link
  • 9. Half Past Three
  • 10. I to the Maybe Go
  • 11. Tea for Seventeen
  • 12. Breathe Round Corners
  • 13. Run
  • 14. But Once a Child
  • 15. Shiny Is the View
  • 16. The Snapping of Shrimp
  • 17. More Than a Mountain
  • 18. Lichens
  • 19. Flora's Pond
  • 20. Interdimensional
  • 21. Does the Swallow Dream of Flying

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