Cosmo Jimmy Under That Dress

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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Poontang Twang, Cosmo J., David Kossoff, and Nigel Partridge make up the band Cosmo Jimmy. This foursome hails from a town that has a beaver for the town mascot named Seymour Of Hamilton. The album was recorded at Songgram studios in early 1987, produced by Tommy Marolda (The TOMS, Richie Sambora, Smithereens). Members of Cosmo Jimmy played the local Jersey circuit when they decided to record their song "Batteries Not Included" for a movie soundtrack project, but the movie was never released. The song became a single for the new Scorpio Records label. The 12 track album was then green lighted to be recorded with song influences ranging from XTC to the Rolling Stones. Using analog recording equipment including Tascam 16 track DBX recorder, Tascam 24 track mixing board, Hammond B-3, Magnatone and Vox guitar amps, Yamaha Baby Grand Piano, Gibson and Fender guitars and bass, Hohner Harmonica, Vibraphone and Ludwig Drums, the album was recorded within a two week period.Under That Dress was scheduled for release on Scorpio Records - and despite making it all the way to test pressings, the album never saw the light of day. 36 years later, Feel It Records (responsible for recent reissues of Marolda's late-70's recordings as the TOMS) is proud to issue the Cosmo Jimmy album for the first time ever.

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