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Conflict -Increase The Pressure


Increase The Pressure

Release date: July 17, 2020
Label: Cleopatra
Special vinyl edition of the 1984 second album from hardcore punk icons, Conflict!SIDE A consists of studio recordings from 1984 while SIDE B consists of live recordings from the year prior!
  • 1.Increase the Pressure
  • 2.Law and Order (Throughout the Land)
  • 3.From Protest to Resistance
  • 4.Tough Shit Mickey / Punk Inn'it
  • 5.As Others See Us
  • 6.Cruise
  • 7.The Positive Junk
  • 8.The System Maintains
  • 9.The Guilt and the Glory
  • 10.Stop the City
  • 11.One Nation Under a Bomb
  • 12.Blind Attack
  • 13.Vietnam Serenade
  • 14.Blood Morons
  • 15.Exploitation
  • 16.Whichever Way You Want It
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17 July 2020 / More records