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Confide - Recover



Release date: June 19, 2020
Limited edition random colored vinyl
For the first time ever, Confide’s sophomore album Recover will be available for a limited time on vinyl. Marking the 10th anniversary of Recover, the vinyl release will feature the hard hitting original track listing, including “Now Or Never,” “The View From My Eyes,” and “When Heaven Is Silent”. Recover is a quintessential metalcore album to its base, with a surprising burst of individuality throughout. Since its original release, the album has amassed well over a million streams, and supported a tour down the West coast as well as Japan; a testament to Confide’s aggressive riffs, in-your-face attitude, and strong relationship with their fanbase. Own a piece of true metalcore history. "Recover" has been pressed on a limited random color variant, making no two records the same.
  • 1. When Heaven Is Silent
  • 2. Tighten It Up
  • 3. The View From My Eyes
  • 4. Now Or Never
  • 5. Delete, Repeat
  • 6. My Choice Of Words
  • 7. People Are Crazy
  • 8. Barely Breathing
  • 9. 80B
  • 10. Tell Me I'm Not Alone
  • 11. Write This Down
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19 June 2020 / More records