Conan - Existential Void Guardian


Existential Void Guardian (2xLP)

Release date: September 14, 2018
If troglodytes could have gotten their paws on a Fuzzthrone or other fuzz pedals…they would have probably bashed each other`s skulls in. Conan on the other hand use these beautiful tools to wrench the maximum out of their legendary Caveman Battle Doom: could there be a more monolithic opener than ‘Prosper On The Path‘? Narp. The British trio presents a tar monster named Existential Void Guardian that seems even more menacing as soon as it gets high on its own downtuned groove frenzy. Two years after the remarkable Revengeance, Conan once more leave us baffled with a previously unknown side to dual vocal sludge – behold the painful melody splinters ‘Eye To Eye To Eye‘ leaves behind or the insane grind intermezzo that is ‘Paincantation‘. True beauty lies in dissonance, and it always will.

  • 1. Prosper On The Path
  • 2. Eye To Eye To Eye
  • 3. Paincantation
  • 4. Amidst The Infinite
  • 5. Volt Thrower
  • 6. Vexxagon
  • 7. Eternal Silent Legend
  • 8. Total Conquest (Live)
  • 9. Satsumo (Live)
  • 10. Foehammer (Live)
  • 11. Hawk as Weapon (Live)
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14 September 2018 / More records

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