Colter Wall - Songs Of The Plains

Colter Wall

Songs Of The Plains

Release date: October 12, 2018
Syle: Folk
After two years of relentless touring, Colter Wall wanted to make an album about home. Drawing on the stories of Saskatchewan, Canada, the young songwriter's corner of the world takes shape throughout his second full-length album, Songs of the Plains. Produced by Dave Cobb in Nashville's Studio A, the project combines striking original folk songs, well-chosen outside cuts, and a couple of traditional songs that reflect his roots growing up in the small city of Swift Current.

  • 1. Plain to See Plainsman
  • 2. Saskatchewan in 1881
  • 3. John Beyers - Camaro Song
  • 4. Wild Dogs
  • 5. Calgary Round-Up
  • 6. Night Herding Song
  • 7. Wild Bill Hickok
  • 8. The Trains Are Gone
  • 9. Thinkin' on a Woman
  • 10. Manitoba Man
  • 11. Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail
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12 October 2018 / More records

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