Colin Fisher Suns of the Heart

Release date:
July 12, 2024
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Suns of the Heart is a follow up to Junior Boys and Caribou live collaborator Colin Fisher's Reflections of the Invisible World and the preceding album V le Pape. Suns of the Heart was created as part of the process of building on the relationship of documenting Fisher's live solo process and augmenting it over the course of 3 records with studio compositional ideas. With Suns of the Heart, Fisher connected with his good friend David Psutka, who released Reflections of the Invisible World on his label Halocline Trance, to engineer and produce the project. The concept for the album was to deconstruct Fisher's live process and apply a studio sampling methodology from hip hop to establish foundational layers for each track. Psutka was the perfect partner for this endeavor considering his long history of electronic music as well as his appreciation for interesting conceptual ideas. Psutka essentially became a co-composer for a few tracks and was an indispensable force in constructing this unique document. Together they sampled various sounds, textures, incidental sounds from me on various instruments, reconfigured them in Psutka's daw and then built compositions on top of them. Conceptually this reflects Fisher's live process, where he samples and loops sounds in transparent ways and orchestrate textures, sounds, chord changes into fully realized compositions in real time. The freedom in the studio scenario enables complete separation of each sound and texture for mixing, orchestration, and composition. The result is a compelling augmentation of his live process with the addition of Psutka's skill and conceptual sense for an entire new synthesis of ideas to something not previously possible or imaginable. The album title and track titles were all inspired by the work of Henry Corbin.

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