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Coffin Lurker -Foul & Defiled

Coffin Lurker

Foul & Defiled

Release date: June 11, 2021
Vinyl LP pressing. Maurice de Jong AKA Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, de Magia Veterum, Dodenbezweerder etc.), and Rene Aquarius (Cryptae, Dead Neanderthals, Imperial Cult, Plague Organ etc.) join forces in Coffin Lurker, a hideous experiment begotten unto a perverse delusion of ushering doom metal beyond extremes of heaviness and horror it has never before seen or fathomed. Overwhelming and abominable in it's every aspect, on their hideous debut LP Foul and Defiled the Dutch terror-doom duo set out on a mission of terrifying extremism to take doom metal to it's most harrowing consequences, crossing every threshold of extreme known, to materialize a humongous slow moving nightmare of paralyzing and horrific doom metal horror that will flatten the listener and devour them inside a nauseating void.
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11 June 2021 / More records