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Cobra Cult - Dont Kill The Dark

Cobra Cult

Dont Kill The Dark

Release date: January 13, 2023
The rock´n´roll machine from Stockholm is back! With the second release in two years, the band´s third album "Don´t Kill The Dark" sets the record straight. Ten songs filled with Cobra Cult trademarks, this is the natural development of the two previous ones taken to the next level. Intense, and riff based hard rock originating from punk and metal with catchy harmonies and personal vocals that stands out. This combination gives the band a unique sound like nothing else out there.
  • 1. Late Night Adventure
  • 2. Beast
  • 3. A Price to Pay
  • 4. Stand Your Ground
  • 5. Colour Green
  • 6. Dont Kill the Dark
  • 7. Forever Faster
  • 8. Do or Die
  • 9. What We Know
  • 10. Her Majesty
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