Clbrks X Morriarchi Microwave Cooking 2000

Release date:
September 11, 2020
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The record is led by the imitable CLBRKS, one of the most unique voices in London's fruitful underground hip-hop sphere, who drops satirical, savvy, boastful verses on the premium production of Morriarchi. The esteemed producer caters to CL's style perfectly across 12 tracks and skits of luxurious hip-hop in the vein of The Alchemist, Griselda or Lord Apex. Morriarchi brings the funk and CLBRKS brings punchlines worthy of stand-up comedians, meanwhile sending direct threats to anyone who doesn't take him seriously. Microwave Cooking 2000 has carefully selected features from Blah Records' head honcho, Lee Scott, Bisk and Conrad Mundy, as well as international features from Bahamas' rapper Obijuan and American, CAPRIISUN. About CLBRKS: Pronounced 'C.L Brooks,' this is a rapper who truly stands out from those around him rapping in London. Starting out as many his age did by uploading his raps to Soundcloud, CL quickly became a revered figure in the underbelly of British hip-hop, picking up followers and plays across self-released mixtapes. CLBRKS is known for his unique voice, with fans and friends always quick to do an impression of his cadence when they see him in the flesh. Coming off the back of a prolific 2019 that saw him drop two new EPs and upload his back catalogue to your usual streaming sites, this release with Blah will be the first time CLBRKS has a full release on vinyl. About Morriarchi: The London-born, Sheffield-raised and now South London-based producer, Morriarchi, is a well-known name in British hip-hop. His sound is even better known, with producer credits on some iconic releases and tracks with the likes of Jehst, Lee Scott, Verbz, Trellion and more. He's also a resident on the Peckham staple, Balamii Radio, where his monthly mix of pre-chopped samples, self-production and hip-hop royalty gets regular listeners and viewers. Microwave Cooking 2000 is the latest record in his impressive discography.

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