Claude A Lot’s Gonna Change

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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“This album is a snapshot of my early-to-mid twenties — formative, sometimes confusing years.” That’s Chicago singer-songwriter Claudia Ferme, AKA Claude, on her debut album a lot’s gonna change. For years she’s tinkered away, self-releasing a 12” EP titled Enactor in 2021, and playing shows across the city. Her first full-length has been a long time in the making, with sketches of ditties happening as early as 2017. Since then, she’s refined her craft - words, melodies, and sound - crystallizing in this collection, buttressed by Windy City Wunderkind Michael Mac’s (Tasha, Devin Shaffer, Mia Joy) woozy, lush production. It’s an evocative, relatable assemblage, detailing the peaks and pitfalls of early adult life, all the while maintaining a sense of humor, a bit of hope, and piles of earworms.

1) twenty something
2) roses
3) what are you on tonight
4) turn
5) claustrophobia
6) meet me
7) i think i’ll pass tonight
8) oh, to be

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