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Circulatory System - Circulatory System

Circulatory System

Circulatory System (2xLP)

Release date: June 12, 2020
Syle: Rock
With the release of Circulatory System's self-titled release in 2001, Will Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control, Elephant 6) brought a new level of emotion and beauty to his work. The beautiful, lush orchestration, inventive instrumentation, and fanatical attention to sonic nuance are still in full form, but now serve as extensions of Hart's inner quest to discover the nature of time, existence, and the universe. This is the first time the Circulatory System's debut release has been available on vinyl. The album's 22 tracks will be pressed on two 140gm LPs (by our friends at Kindercore Vinyl) and wrapped in a full-color, tip-on, gatefold LP jacket (by Stoughton Printing Co.). An insert with lyrics, liner notes, and artwork will be included as well as a download card.
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