Chrisma Hibernation

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November 24, 2023
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In the Italian panorama of the '70s, Chrisma (Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri) skirted the common rules of Italian pop (the aura of progressive rock or the first wave of prolific folk singers); in fact, they created Italian new wave from scratch. After the release of their 1977 debut album Chinese Restaurant (SPITTLE051 LP) - so far from the punk revolution and so deep into the algid dynamics of the Mittel-European sound - came Hibernation, their creative peak on which they embrace the revelation of the man-machine and venture into the realms of incomparable robots Kraftwerk. Again the album was produced by NikoPapathanassiou (brother of the Greek legend Vangelis), and it features very sophisticated cover artwork created by famous photographer Mario Convertino. Chrisma, so far ahead of their time, crafted an opus that should be considered at the same emotional level as the most famous synth-pop bands from the UK and Germany. Highlights include "Vetra Platz," a long digital ride worthy of the most famous Kraftwerk singles; "Calling" and "Gott Gott Electron," a primeval couplet of furious post-punk numbers; and the lush "Lover," with Miss Moser still in top form. This reissue includes the original artwork with a silver background. RIYL: T. Rex, Nico, Kraftwerk.

  • 1. A1. Calling
  • 2. A2. Aurora B
  • 3. A3. Rush '79
  • 4. A4. Hibernated Nazi
  • 5. B1. Gott Gott Electron
  • 6. B2. We R
  • 7. B3. So You Don't
  • 8. B4. Lover
  • 9. B5. Vetra Platz

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