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Chats - Get Fucked (Limited Purple)


Get Fucked (Limited Purple)

Release date: August 26, 2022
Label: Bargain Bin
Limited purple colored vinyl LP pressing. Get Fucked is fully loaded with 13 new, high-velocity punk tracks that rip from start to finish, and lyrically cover panic attacks, junkies, prison breaks, the price of smokes, surf mafia, being drunk in every pub in Brisbane and many more based on personal experiences. The more you listen to it, the more you realize that there was only one plausible title for this second Chats album. Expressing both it's broadsides against bigotry and it's heedless hedonism, Get Fucked was christened, Eamon reveals, when "we were just sitting around and discussing titles, and I kind of said it half-jokingly, and Matt was like, 'That is the best title I've ever heard!' I was like, 'It's a bit silly, isn't it?' but eventually it just grew on us over time. There's a lot of boardroom meetings, clipboards and Manila folders, all about this stuff. Spreadsheets, and that. We just thought how funny would it be, if you were a kid seeing it on the album cover. I remember going to K-Mart and seeing the Green Day 'Dookie' CD, and being like, 'Aw man, this is the craziest album cover I've ever seen!' Imagine being a kid and just seeing a CD that says, 'Get Fucked'!"
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