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Chasms - Glimpse Of Heaven (Pink/Blue Swirl)


Glimpse Of Heaven (Pink/Blue Swirl)

Release date: March 24, 2023
Label: Felte Records
Hawaii-born, LA-based musician, singer, producer and professional mastering engineer Jess Labrador, AKA Chasms makes deeply personal work that has always felt like an unveiling. Following 2019's 'The Mirage,' which was a dark, dubby meditation on grief and loss, this new material off an upcoming album is both familiar and different. The third full-length under the Chasms name, 'Glimpse of Heaven' trades in washes of reverb for starker moments of closeness and intimacy. An exploration of the personal inventory and reckoning necessary to move forward in life, the album considers not only how we relate to the world, but more importantly how we relate to ourselves. The project's somber, rhythm-focused sound has evolved through the years to include elements of dub, techno, and ambient, expanding it's initial melancholic mixture of industrial, shoegaze, and dream pop.
  • 1. Ache
  • 2. Another Dream
  • 3. Glimpse of Heaven
  • 4. Decay
  • 5. Parallel
  • 6. Things Have Changed
  • 7. Aftertaste
  • 8. Submit
  • 9. Waiting for the Spell to Break
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