Chartreuse Morning Ritual

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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On their long-awaited debut album Morning Ritual, Chartreuse have found the light in the darkness, sifting through the ruins of an anxious age in order to find the hope in it. "There's a strange optimism in pulling all of your negative traits out, revising and reviewing them, and then putting them back, in order," says Mike Wagstaff, of the band's intricate, gorgeous songwriting. Chartreuse resist easy definition. The Black Country four-piece have been close friends since they were at college. In 2013, Mike and Harriet Wilson started playing folk music together, and a year later, they added a rhythm section, with the addition of Mike's brother Rory on drums and Perry Lovering on bass. Mike and Rory live together in Kidderminster in the West Midlands, while Harriet and Perry live just ten minutes away.Morning Ritual has been a long time coming, with Chartreuse honing their craft over the course of four well-received EPs and the standalone 2022 single 'Satellites'

  • 1. All Seeing All the Time
  • 2. Backstroke
  • 3. Switch It on, Switch It Off
  • 4. Who Bites Down
  • 5. Shield from Bedlam
  • 6. Agitated
  • 7. Never to Be Real
  • 8. Whippet
  • 9. Morning Ritual
  • 10. This Could Be Anything
  • 11. Are You Looking for Something
  • 12. Sorcerer's Eyes

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