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Ceremonial Syndrome - And There Stand Empire

Ceremonial Syndrome

And There Stand Empire

Release date: November 09, 2018
A widely-diversified musical palate, with beautifully dense and lushly descriptive instrumentals that run the gamut of progressive introspective emotion. It's pretty and melancholic at the same time, with resounding guitar work and pounding drums that contradict the cold finality in the keyboards, along with crescendos and diminuendos that strategically battle in mock, call-response warfare. What could be the soundtrack to one's rainy day tragedy may be the memoirs of another person's joyous lifetime. When you can pull that off, that's magic. Recommended if you like: Russian Circles, Do Make Say Think, and Steve Reich. Red Vinyl
  • 1. Landscapes With An Axe
  • 2. Two Planets at Once
  • 3. Garden of the Fugitives
  • 4. Project X Inc.
  • 5. Anchored Articulation
  • 6. Albatross at Lamplight
  • 7. Clerical Errors Resulting in a Scheme
  • 8. Busy Signal
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09 November 2018 / More records