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Century Egg -Little Piece Of Hair

Century Egg

Little Piece Of Hair

Release date: June 04, 2021
"Century Egg is a band of escape artists. On their debut EP for Forward Music Group, the Halifax four-piece blaze through basement pop jams carefully crafted with the desires of the listener at the front of their minds. The desire to move, to dance, to let go of our walls and our traumas. Century Egg creates music to make us free. Coming hot of the heels of their We Can Play ep, Little Piece of Hair is the bands loudest, clearest mission statement to date. Boasting a new rhythm section of Matty Grace on Bass and Meg Yoshida on drums, Century Egg is a band reborn. These are songs about finding yourself, understanding your value in the present and celebrating the changes life delivers. A collection of songs about dancing and rediscovering the joy in music and our lives, despite the shells around us. 1. Do You Want To Dance? 2. I Will Make Up A Method 3. Ring A Bell 4. Little Piece Of Hair 5. Riddle To Place 6. Cornered
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04 June 2021 / More records