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Catsystem Corp.


Release date: January 18, 2019
Label: Vinyl Digital
Vinyl LP pressing. A virtual trip through my past experiences in Helsinki mixed with my vision of what the world of Hiraeth looks like. Album features various recordings from my trip to Finland and multiple easy listening and WC jazz music.

  • 1. Forum Consumer [Kuluttaja]
  • 2. Pelican Self Storage
  • 3. Buy@Jumbo [Kauppakeskus]
  • 4. 717A Bus [Rautatientori]
  • 5. Hesburger Cinema [Hampurilainen]
  • 6. City-Forum Consumer [Kahvi]
  • 7. Hel-Ams Airplane [Lentokent√§lle]
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18 January 2019 / More records

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