Catriona Sturton Night Bell

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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In about the middle of the Instagram Live run of The Suga Network, Catriona Sturton began watching and broadcasting. Ms. Sturton came with a beautiful, wild Canadian vibe studded with interesting facts, e.g. she was an assistant to Dolly Parton and helped write the song on which the comic book and movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World were based. Oh. She also taught English in Japan. After a series of musical performances on Instagram, including her de facto anthem for all night owls We Bloom at Night, we brought Catriona out of the Canadian wilds to New York City, She killed, ably aided by Giveton Gelin on trumpet and Ray Angry on keyboards, string arrangements and conducting. A curio in our catalog to be sure, but one which will move and engage you as deeply as anything we've released.

  • 1. Take a Walk
  • 2. Mongoose Moan
  • 3. We Bloom at Night
  • 4. We Bloom at Night (Instrumental)
  • 5. We Bloom at Night (Vocals & Strings)
  • 6. We Bloom at Night (Vocals & Strings)

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