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Caroline Rose - The Art Of Forgetting

Caroline Rose

The Art Of Forgetting (2xLP)

Release date: March 24, 2023
Neon green vinyl;
The time is now for Caroline Rose. Their last record, Superstar, was released on March 6, 2020. The record was critically acclaimed and positioned Rose as the next big breakthrough in music. Needless to say, the resulting pandemic grinded all momentum to a halt while at the same time throwing Rose’s personal life into turmoil. The result of that turmoil is the fuel that fired the creation of their latest album, The Art of Forgetting. With The Art of Forgetting, Rose took on the dual role of writer and producer. The album encapsulates the feeling of experiencing recent memories, having them turn into old ones and then ultimately forgetting those memories altogether. There is a romantic nature within the sonic landscape of this record. Tape effects and loops emulate the feeling of aging while the juxtaposition of modern acoustic-electronic textures, like lo-fi tape next to hi-fi granular synths result in some of their most mature and honest work to date. A1. Love / Lover / Friend A2. Rebirth A3. Miami A4. Better Than Gold A5. Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain B1. The Doldrums B2. The Kiss B3. Cornbread B4. Stockholm Syndrome B5. Tell Me What You Want C1. Florida Room C2. Love Song For Myself C3. Jill Says C4. Where Do I Go From Here?
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