Carnivore Carnivore (Crystal Clear)

Release date:
June 2, 2023
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Ltd. Edition Crystal Clear Vinyl. Carnivore is one of the most unique bands ever. This first album was their introduction to larger-than-life vocalist/bassist Pete Steele, and even though Type O Negative's epic brand of gothic metal was still just a glimmer in his eye, in retrospect one can already recognize the fascinating range of creative contradictions that would always characterize the 6'7" man's work. Petrus Steele (as he was then calling himself), guitarist Keith Alexander, and drummer Louie Beateaux generally focused their energies on incredibly brutal and intentionally raw full-on thrash-outs like "Predator," "Carnivore," and "Legion of Doom"; plus they wore the Mad Max apocalyptic caveman attire on the album's rear sleeve to back it up! This re-mastered reissue comes as Ltd. Edition neon yellow vinyl.

  • 1. Predator
  • 2. Carnivore
  • 3. Male Supremacy
  • 4. Armageddon
  • 5. Legion of Doom
  • 6. God Is Dead
  • 7. Thermonuclear Warrior
  • 8. World Wars III and IV

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