Carnifex Necromanteum (Neon Green With Purple Splatter)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Necromanteum is a musical journey through the darkness to speak with death itself. With it's blast beats, blackened riffage, heavy breakdowns and epic orchestral arrangments, it's a visceral experience that only Carnifex can deliver. What secrets will you uncover in the Necromanteum? Neon Green w/ Purple Splatter LP

  • 1. Torn in Two
  • 2. Death's Forgotten Children
  • 3. Necromanteum
  • 4. Crowned in Everblack
  • 5. The Pathless Forest
  • 6. How the Knife Gets Twisted
  • 7. Architect of Misanthropy
  • 8. Infinite Night Terror
  • 9. Bleed More
  • 10. Heaven and Hell All at Once

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