Carnal Savagery Into The Abysmal Void

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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The Highly Anticipated 5th album from the New Swedish Gods of Gothenburg Death Metal!!!Clear Formaldehyde Yellow and Black Vinyl LP versions (lim 250 each) of the Killer new album!LP Features alternate Cover Art! Formed from the ashes of original 1990's 1st wave of Swedish Death Metal progenitors CROMLECH, Carnal Savagery have released 4 critically acclaimed and radio charting albums, "Grotesque Macabre" (2020/2023), "Fiendish" (2021), "Scent of Death" (2022) and "Worm Eaten" (2022) to date. Carnal Savagery Now return like the living dead to eat your brains and take over the world with their career defining and most accomplished album to date, "Into The Abysmal Void". "Into The Abysmal Void" delivers 11 new corpse rousing songs filled with de-fleshing Gothenburg melody, writhing Death Metal groove and enough skull cracking brutality to reanimate the undead! With "Into The Abysmal Void" Carnal Savagery climbs their way up the cadaver pile to the upper echelons of the Death Metal scene!

  • Side A:1. Defleshing Bones (3:04)
  • Morbid Death (2:34)
  • Stench of Burnt Decay (2:36)
  • Column of Maggots (3:34)
  • Limb By Limb (3:38)
  • Side B:6. Choked to Death (2:53)
  • the Revenant (1:58)
  • Reek of Decomposing Flesh (2:50)
  • Into the Abysmal Void (2:27)
  • Raped in a Coffin (2:58)
  • Buried Alive (2:32)
  • 12. Rotting in a Grave (3:29)

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