Carly Cosgrove See You in Chemistry

Release date:
February 2, 2024
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Philadelphia trio Carly Cosgrove's debut LP, See You In Chemistry, is about growth, but not thetidy, Instagram-ready kind. At it's beginning, vocalist and guitarist Lucas Naylor is steady, stable, and happy: the work has been done, progress has been made, things are alright. Over the remaining 11 tracks, and across a complex, ear worm patchwork of riotous emo punk, towering post-hardcore, mathy indie rock, and crystalline shoegaze, things fall apart: bands dissolve, friendships end, and self-doubt, depression and anxiety triple-team their way to victory over happiness.

  • 1. Sit 'N" Bounce
  • 2. Munck
  • 3. Really Big Shrimp
  • 4. The Cooliest? Don't Ruin It
  • 5. The Great Doheny
  • 6. Gamesphere
  • 7. Rue the Day
  • 8. Cloudblock
  • 9. Headaches
  • 10. Chowder
  • 11. See You in Chemistry

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