Campdogzz In Rounds

Release date:
August 3, 2018
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Campdogzz capture the bleak but spirited heart of the industrial midwest in a five-piece band propelled by pile-driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars, and the haunting, evocative songs and voice of Jess Price. In a moment, Jess turns a beguiling melody to a darkening storm, rich in portent and meaning.

  • 1. Bobbing on The Plains Pt. 1, 2. Souvenir, 3. Run Wild, 4. Bobbing on The Plains Pt. 2, 5. Batshit , 6. Rawbone Ring, 7. In Rounds, 8. Bobbing on The Plains Pt. 3, 9. Dry Heat, 10. On My Own , 11. Royal Rye, 12. Southern, 13. Sorceress

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