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April 12, 2024
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Call Me Spinster is one part kaleidoscopic indie rock, one part porchy holler pop — and every bit a family operation. The brain child of three sisters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Call Me Spinster skims nostalgia from psychedelic folk to 90’s synth-pop, weaving frank vocals with ethereal harmonies to make sense of their constantly growing world. During the writing of their upcoming freshman album, Potholes,Call Me Spinster was a lifeline to the world outside, and a mirror of the lives inside. Throughout the album, the sisters reckon with past relationships, the very early phases of marriage and motherhood.According to Amelia, a major theme throughout “is stumbling into the new, all-consuming identity of a domestic person. So much tiredness, so many endless piles of mundane tasks and minutiae.Time will stand still, then, suddenly, erupt into technicolored joy.” While the inspirations are raw, there is no shortage of technicolored joy on this album. Call Me Spinster underscores emotional depth with bouncy electropop that makes you want to dance in public.Letting the truth about domestic life spill out in dreamy melodies,intricate harmonies, and deeply personal lyrics that speak to anyone who’s ever felt simultaneously stuck and love-struck. The bulk of the songs on this album come from the very early phases of marriage and motherhood. One theme is the disorienting feeling of stumbling into the new, all-consuming identity of domesticity. So much tiredness, but also, technicolored joy. Feeling at once incredibly stuck and love-struck. Feet, like several other songs, is both a celebration of this moment, a mom-pop ode to Robyn and the 90’s dance music we love, and a fantasy of escape to a more familiar version of ourselves. -Amelia

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