Byron the Aquarius Love 4 Music

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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Byron's musical prowess takes center stage in "Love 4 Music," our second vinyl release on the Low Recordings label, marking his entrée into our musical family. The 4-track EP is a love-infused journey, with Side A delivering compelling club hits and Side B enveloping us in a soulful/R&B/deep house vibe. "Creepin' With U" kicks off Side A, immersing us in haunting chords that lead to a thumping club-certified kick drum. Nostalgia from lo-fi days creeps in, complemented by eerie vocal samples, creating a captivating track for warehouse dance floors. Following suit is "Work That Girl (Tribal Mix)," a heavyweight crafted for the club/warehouse scene. Byron's vocals intertwine with clicking hats and snares, driving lyrics tailored for a sweaty night of dancing. The track builds energy with trademark chords and acid-sounding notes, making it a solid club anthem. Flipping to Side B, "Inner Visions" slows the tempo, offering a classic synth line and smooth kick. Byron's soulful vocals add warmth, gradually introducing dissonance as the track progresses, setting the stage for the EP's closure. "Make Me Feel" wraps up the EP, guided by Byron's vision for a fun night. With a touch of R&B, the track exudes warmth and invites us to feel good with the one who got us through the night. Byron's sultry voice, playful nature, and guiding basslines ensure a light and enjoyable conclusion to this musical journey.

  • 1. Creepin' with U
  • 2. Work That Girl (Tribal Mix)
  • 3. Inner Visions
  • 4. Make Me Feel

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