Byron The Aquarius Astral Traveling

Release date:
January 17, 2020
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Mutual Intentions is proud to present "Astral Traveling" which is Byron the Aquarius' debut album. A stunning piece of fusion built from everything between jazz, soul, hiphop and house makes Mutual Intentions a perfect platform for the release. Sit down and enjoy a fourty minute ride through the musical mind of the Aquarius with string compositions as an on-going theme throughout the album. From the very first piano chord on the catchy opening track ("Love Is 4U"), until the very last second of "Spazzing Out", where Byron raps over a beautiful backdrop consisting only of Fender Rhodes, electric bass & strings. Byron jumps seamlessly between different genres throughout the whole album. From the acid house inspired "Sorry Kari", straight to 70's prog jazz sounding cuts like "Lost In Love". Then once you flip the record and put the needle on side B, you'll hear "Deep In That * feat. MDMA" which sounds pretty much like if Dexter Wansel took MDMA in 2019, inside Legowelt's studio and tried to re-create his classic cut "Theme From The Planets". "My Only Life" is a beautiful downtempo soul jazz cut featuring the talented and upcoming singer Brandon Banks. Will Slick plays the sax and the vocoder on "Universal Love", and apart from that, every single instrument you hear is played by Byron himself.

  • 1. Love Is 4 U
  • 2. Sorry Kari (Lu$T)
  • 3. Lost in Love (Intermission)
  • 4. Deep in That *****
  • 5. Universal Love
  • 6. My Only Life
  • 7. I Can't Help My$elf (U)
  • 8. Spazzing Out (4U)

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