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Buzzcocks -1991 Demo Album


1991 Demo Album

Release date: June 05, 2020
Black & white vinyl
Label: Cherry Red Uk
Format: Colored Vinyl
The Previously Unreleased 1991 Reunion Album. Pressed On Black And White Vinyl. Produced In Association With The Band. Released In Association With The Band, 'The 1991 Demo Album' Is Alive With The Combination Of Punk Energy And Melodic And Memorable Songwriting The Band's Reputation Is Founded On, And Is Both A Long-Awaited Treat For Fans And An Important Document Of The Group's Rebirth.
  • 1.Dreamin'
  • 2.Alive Tonight
  • 3.Never Gonna Give It Up
  • 4.Wallpaper World
  • 5.Successful Street
  • 6.Who'll Help Me to Forget
  • 7.Serious Crime
  • 8.Why Compromise
  • 9.Last to Know
  • 10.Run Away from Home
  • 11.Searching for Your Love
  • 12.Tranquillizer
  • 13.When Love Turns Around You
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05 June 2020 / More records