Busdriver - Thumbs



Thumbs are no longer anatomical but rather the static characters of approval for a job well done. The likes that catalog our individual preferences. They grade the successes playing out in a virtual world and within our own minds. Endlessly gathered into a sprawling market-ready databases rivalled only by our idea of a God. Thumbs was made as a mixtape by Busdriver to further explore the concept of a homogenous citizenry from his last record Perfect Hair. It draws from the defining musical tropes of the LA underground rap experience with the isolation born from racial politics fixed as a central theme. Frequent collaborators such as milo, Mono/Poly, Kenny Segal, Fumitake Tamura all appear for the most action-packed Busdriver release to date.

  • 1. Absolutions in the Hottentot Supercluster
  • 2. Black Labor
  • 3. Hyperbolic
  • 4. Much
  • 5. Ministry of the Torture Couch
  • 6. Worlds to Run
  • 7. Surrounded By Millionaires
  • 8. Great Spooks
  • 9. Shadows and Victories
  • 10. Species of Property
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07 December 2018 / More records

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