Bruit Noir IV / III

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Bruit Noir (Black Noise in French) is the brainchild of Jean Michel Pires and Pascal Bouaziz, formerly the only permanent number of the now defunct cult underground project Mendelson. After voluntarily crashing the Mendelson plane in 2022, the two iconoclasts join forces for a new Bruit Noir album, drawing inspiration from abstract hip-hop, the incisive sounds of post-punk and the ever relevant collapsology of industrial music. While Pires develops layers of corrosive sounds, Bouaziz - true to himself - delivers deadpan spoken words full of dark humour, angst and bitterness and delivered in a nightmarish whispered style, sometimes bursting out with anxiously punk theatricals.

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Bruit Noir IV
  • 3. Coup D'état
  • 4. Chanteur Engage
  • 5. Petit Prince
  • 6. Le Visiteur
  • 7. Tourette
  • 8. Artistes
  • 9. Calme Ta Joie
  • 10. Communiste
  • 11. Béatrice
  • 12. Animaux
  • 13. Deux Enfants

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