Brother Dege Folk Songs Of The American Longhair

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October 20, 2023
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"Folk Songs of the American Longhair" (2010) is Brother Dege's now critically-acclaimed debut album - a record that Quentin Tarantino later referred to as "like a greatest hits album" of new Delta blues. "American Longhair" delivers postmodern tales of desperate southerners, apocalyptic prophecies, midnight angels, hippie drifters, burning barns, and the endless ghosts that haunt the history of the Deep South. Quietly self-released with no distribution, no representation, and absolutely no hype, the album quickly earned four & five star reviews and gained the attention of numerous tastemakers in film and TV, scoring sync placements on Discovery Channel's "After the Catch (Deadliest Catch)", National Geographic's "Hard Riders", womens' cycling documentary "Half the Road", Netflix's "The Afflicted", and most notably, hand-picked by Quentin Tarantino for inclusion in the movie and soundtrack to "Django Unchained" where Dege's song "Too Old to Die Young" plays in the movie's pivotal, climactic scene.

  • 1. Hard Row to Hoe
  • 2. The Girl Who Wept Stones
  • 3. Too Old to Die Young
  • 4. To Fill a Hole
  • 5. House of the Dying Sun
  • 6. The Battle of New Orleans
  • 7. Dead and Gone
  • 8. The World's Longest Hotdog
  • 9. Old Angel Midnight
  • 10. Black Is the Night

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