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Broncho - Can't Get Past The Lips (Clear)


Can't Get Past The Lips (Clear)

Release date: January 27, 2023
BRONCHO's songs earn their credibility through singer/guitarist Ryan Lindsey's punchy hooks, devil-maycare attitude and blunt delivery. Ben King's dirty surf-meets-concrete guitar riffs flesh out the band's sound, while the thunderous bass of Johnathon Ford (Unwed Sailor, Native Lights) and the hard-hitting beats of Nathan Price make up the driving rhythm section.
  • 1. Pick a Fight
  • 2. Insert Coin
  • 3. Try Me Out Sometime
  • 4. I Don't Really Want to Be Social
  • 5. Record Store
  • 6. Get Off My Reservations
  • 7. Losers
  • 8. Psychiatrist
  • 9. Blown Fuse
  • 10. Can't Get Past the Lips
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