Brigata Vendetta This Is How Democracy Dies

Release date:
February 2, 2024
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Brigata Vendetta are a new force to be reckoned with in the famed Bay Area punk rock scene, but the three members are anything but newcomers! Frontman & bassist Darrel Wojick and guitarist Mike Caputo of Harrington Saints are joined by Bum City Saints drummer Brian Zobel. Together, these three saints are crafting a brand new sound informed by classic hardcore punk that stands poised to surprise and excite longtime fans and new ones alike! Evolving from a side project to a primary focus, Darrel characterizes the sound as more influenced by the punk and hardcore he grew up on in the 80s than the particular styles Harrington Saints or his project Suede Razors are known for. Stated plainly, this is a record that is sure to please longtime fans who are ready for something new, but it will likely attract an entirely new audience of hardcore faithful! Darrel says that following this 80s hardcore influence has injected new energy and a sense of fun into Brigata Vendetta. This record also brings new ideas to the table lyrically. Many songs, like Never Let You Die, are more personal and introspective, grappling with issues of grief, loss, personal growth, and relationships, alongside the inevitable frustrations with the modern world. The world at large got their first listen to Brigata Vendetta via Embrace, which appeared on the latest volume of Pirates Press Records' compilation For Family and Flag. Both the band and the label are thrilled to present This is How Democracy Dies in its entirety, showing fans worldwide what's new from these Bay Area veterans!

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