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Boyracer - Assuaged



Release date: October 01, 2021
On the 14 studio full length, Boyacer mainstay Stewart Anderson has hit a jackpot,with 14 concise genre defining crashpop gems. Building on the critical acclaim of 2020s fan favourite,On A Promise, Anderson is again aided and abetted by the simpatico talents of Christina Riley, (Artsick) and the melodic talent of Sarah Records \/ Slumberland era member Matty Green (Tall Boy \/ Declining Winter). Stewarts vocals are vitriolic and pointed, meshing perfectly with Christina\x27s. Ms. Riley, handles the lead guitar for most of the album, ensuring a new direction on a well loved path. Mattys presence assures the pop element shines through the trademark squalling feedback bursts. Reflective and urgent, Assuaged offers many highlights. The instant rush of Tommy McNeil is a paen to the delightful confusions of a first crush. 40 Hours is the autobiographical recollections of Stewarts disdain at working at national health food chain during Covid. Spoils champions art over fiscal rewards. Whilst Digital Friends questions how many Facebook friends we really need. At 36 minutes long, Assuaged contains all the classic and loved elements of Boyracer, distilled into a rush of euphoric Indie Punk songwriting mastery.
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01 October 2021 / More records