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November 17, 2023
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T4T LUV NRG presents 'Name It', the latest album by Oakland's Bored Lord, aka DJ Daria. The internationally beloved producer and DJ has created a truly stunning album of impeccably produced and mixed work, each song an enticing chapter in a complexly woven story about love. This album of uninhibited, hook-laden tracks conveys a narrative of love that is not only romantic and personal, but also communal and familial- a love that refuses to limit itself to just two people, but instead spills forth into the world, embracing everyone open to it's power. With her emotive, tenacious album, Bored Lord reminds us that to truly allow yourself to be enveloped in desire, you have to endure the pain that comes alongside it. You have to adapt and stretch yourself in order to experience the immense growth love has to offer. You have to believe there's more to this world than suffering and isolation. You have to look within and accept whatever you find, even if it is ugly or difficult. Love is the peace you find amidst the chaos of living, and it doesn't just fall into your lap. You have to want it. You have to be ready for it. And if you are ready, you have to name it.As a producer known in no small part for her edits, Bored Lord presents 'Name It' as a work undeniable in it's artistry, completely authentic in it's messaging, and absent of the industrial notion of production. The songs on 'Name It' have instant hooks and each is deeply inspired by the genres Bored Lord loves-broken beat, drum n' bass, jungle, UK bass, Florida breaks and house among them-but rather than simply reproducing, these tracks expand each genre beautifully. Daria's technique is decidedly hardcore, with samplers, romplers and a bone dry aesthetic, each song and sound all her own. In the artist's own words 'I want the industry people to be confused while the ravers understand the very moment they press play. I want to challenge everyone to name it.' And we expect that indeed they will, play after play after play. Now, close your eyes and believe there is more, more, more...This is the second release from Bored Lord on T4T LUV NRG, the ascendant label of Eris Drew and Octo Octa that celebrates queer electronic music.Bored LordTracklisting:

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