Booze & Glory Chapter Iv

Release date:
January 18, 2019
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BOOZE & GLORY turn ten in 2019, and after a few somewhat recent lineup changes, have more passion and desire than ever before to keep the pedal to the floor and see where this wild ride can take them. The band has huge swaths of fans in even the smallest corners of the world, as can easily be seen in the millions of Youtube and Spotify plays and comments blanketing their channels. The loyal fans, friends and supporters are the reason they carry on with the fire that they do. The past year has taken them around the globe, visiting Japan, Indonesia, Australia and virtually every corner of Europe and North and South America. Chapter IV is their fourth album (three proper studio albums and a singles collection). These 11 brilliant tunes were originally released in 2017 but are still new to most, as the album was effectively only released in Europe. Switching up the colors on the cover and adding some pretty awesome colored vinyl the aim is to make sure that this re-energized version of Chapter IV is stocked in every record store's punk section, the world over. It's angry yet melodic, critical yet non-political. It's music to unite people, and true to form, an amazing crop of singalong anthems - many of which have quickly become powerful and integral parts of their live performances at this point. Whether you're talking about their albums, packing out clubs the world over, or energizing thousands (or even tens of thousands) of festival-goers, BOOZE & GLORY always deliver a heartfelt rabble-rousing good time filled with football, fashion, beer, skinhead reggae, and some of the best and catchiest tunes going. This album clearly lets it fly once again. In style. Pick up a copy and we're sure you'll feel the same way!

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