Boldy James 1LB (Clear With Orange Galaxy)

Release date:
March 22, 2024
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Clear with Orange Galaxy Vinyl. Boldy James and Belgian producer Your Boy Posca join forces to create a new sound within Boldy's world of countless, yet quality, projects. With a classy, laid back approach of grimy soul samples and spooky 1980's aesthetic, the tape flows flawlessly top to bottom as Boldy paints a unique portrait of a Midwest drug dealer. This is a vinyl/cassette exclusive release, so it's not going to be on streaming minus one single.

  • 1. My Twilight Reel
  • 2. Deal Drugger
  • 3. Rumored As Legend Would Have It
  • 4. Platinum & Palladium
  • 5. They Vouching
  • 6. Creature Immortal
  • 7. Humble Servant
  • 8. My Twilight Reel (Instrumental)
  • 9. Deal Drugger (Instrumental)
  • 10. Rumored As Legend Would Have It (Instrumental)
  • 11. Platinum & Palladium (Instrumental)
  • 12. They Vouching (Instrumental)
  • 13. Creature Immortal (Instrumental)
  • 14. Humble Servant (Instrumental)

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