Release date:
August 9, 2024
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Bodysync release their sophomore album NUTTY via their own imprint Buddies Inc. The record features twelve new belters, rooted in 90’s rave music but embracing all shades of dance music, alongside indie, and pop punk influences. In their own words – “it’s dance music by fans of DIY punk and Y2K pop, with a healthy dose of absurdity” Previous collaborations include Tinashe, Devin Morrison, Dazy, Nite Jewel, and Daniela Andrade, who returns as the only guest feature on NUTTY. Giving more context on the album, Bodysync share: “Keeping things a little nutty has just been like, the mantra. The discourse in electronic music is so enveloping and polarising. We just choose to focus on our legends - Todd Terry, Paul Johnson. There’s so much comedy in their stuff and that has really resonated lately, which shamelessly gets mixed up with the stuff we enjoyed at a young age - Venga Boys, Daft Punk and Mad Magazine.“ A fitting acronym for Bodysync could be “Be Open, Do You, Say You’ll Never Change” – it’s for everyone, all ages, no gatekeeping. It has that optimistic feel good energy that was felt at the free party movement in the UK, and the desert parties in the US decades ago. The universal language of music remains the same – bring the people together, it’s best experienced communally.

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