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Bobcat Goldthwait Soldier For Christ

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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In his first album in decades, Bobcat Goldthwait's Soldier for Christ reveals the warm-hearted punk-rock-person behind the wild 1980s persona. Reflecting on the current state of our world, Bobcat shares stories of fatherhood, old friendships, and aging. He's a "VHS comic in a TikTok world" revealing a hysterical, yet more intimate side of himself.

  • 1. Hello
  • 2. Old Bob Behavior
  • 3. My Name Is Robert Goldthwait
  • 4. Cigars, Nuns & Viagra
  • 5. Cowboy Colonoscopy
  • 6. Fuck These Guys
  • 7. Ufos
  • 8. Don't Repeat This Story
  • 9. Fuck You, Aarp
  • 10. Nickelback's Manager Is a Dick
  • 11. I Met Grover
  • 12. My Big Brother
  • 13. Robin and I
  • 14. Do the Voice
  • 15. Swimming Towards the Shark

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