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Blues Traveler - Hurry Up & Hang Around

Blues Traveler

Hurry Up & Hang Around

Release date: October 12, 2018
Songs that last tell stories. Real magic happens when a cranked guitar chord, wailing harmonica, saucy beat, and soulful vocal conjure up a psychedelic scene, a warm family memory, or a romance-gone-wrong (or -right, for that matter)… Since 1987, GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum rock mavericks Blues Traveler—John Popper [vocals, harmonica], Chan Kinchla [guitar], Tad Kinchla [bass], Ben Wilson [keyboards], and Brendan Hill [drums]—have spun such tales. Moreover, they proudly continue this tradition on their 13th full-length album, Hurry Up & Hang Around. Unsurprisingly, there’s a hell of a story behind Hurry Up & Hang Around. As it goes, 2017 rolled around and marked the boys’ 30th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to return with an all new body of work? Re-energized and focused, they hit the road for a month, joined forces with Cast Management, and returned to Nashville in order to work with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Matt Rollings [Willie Nelson]. After five weeks, they came home with the 12 tracks comprising Hurry Up & Wait Around. “It’s our truth,” Popper leaves off. “When you hear this, I hope the songs matter to you. I want to get into your heart. If you enjoy what we’re doing in any way, our mission is accomplished. We’re a family. You’re a part of that.” This story is really getting good now on Hurry Up & Hang Around.
  • 1. Accelerated Nation
  • 2. She Becomes My Way
  • 3. The Touch She Has
  • 4. When You Fall Down
  • 5. The Wolf Is Bumpin
  • 6. Daddy Went a Giggin
  • 7. Tangle Of Our Dreaming
  • 8. More Than Truth
  • 9. Prayer Upon The Wind
  • 10. Miss Olympus
  • 11. Phone Call From Leavenworth
  • 12. Ode From The Aspect
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12 October 2018 / More records