Blues Lawyer Sight Gags On The Radio

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Blues Lawyer is back on Dark Entries with a new 7" EP of summery alt-pop. Fresh off the heels of their critically acclaimed Dark Entries debut, Sight Gags On The Radio expands the Blues Lawyer universe, one where lovelorn millennials struggle to find their place. The four songs were recorded one afternoon by Rob I. Miller, Blues Lawyer co-founder and chief songwriter, in the band's Oakland rehearsal space. It was recorded just days before Elyse Schrock (singer, songwriter, drummer, and music video creator) would be leaving the Bay Area - her home for the past decade - due to the soaring cost of living. The first single, "Have Nots," shows the band moving away from the rapid chord changes that characterized their earlier work towards hazy guitar textures. It is accompanied by a tender music video portrait of the band reuniting in Portland, where Schrock now resides. The video documents the band's touring life: playing pizza parlors and billiard clubs, sleeping on floors, and killing time between gigs. These touching images are elevated by Schrock's trademark animations and editing style. Blues Lawyer also experiment with new songwriting configurations on this EP. "True Love's Only Name," was musically developed by Blues Lawyer guitarist, Ellen Matthews, lyrically by Miller, and sung by Schrock. Sight Gags On The Radio captures the essence of the band's sound but also reflects their development as songwriters. The outcome is Blues Lawyer's most compelling artistic proclamation to date. Each 7" is housed in a warm orange toned jacket designed by Eloise Leigh featuring lyrics on the back.

  • 1. Have Nots
  • 2. True Love's Only Name
  • 3. Our Divide
  • 4. Every Once in a While

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